The purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to the development of the identity both of the MSAR’s separate and autonomous legal system and of the people of Macau and their unique culture by undertaking philanthropic and cultural work in its civil society.



The Foundation undertakes those activities which its governing bodies deem most appropriate to the fulfilment of its objectives, namely:

  1. Execute, foster or sponsor projects of a scientific and educational nature in the field of research on the MSAR legal and legislative system;
  2. Assemble, comment on, organise, maintain, and disseminate a body of MSAR jurisprudence;
  3. Undertake, promote or sponsor training and debate through conferences, seminars and talks;
  4. Undertake, promote or sponsor activities to disseminate law, in particular those aimed at law professionals working within the Macau legal system;
  5. Undertake, promote or sponsor publishing activities in Macau;
  6. Establish awards and provide study grants compatible with its aims and possibilities;
  7. Stimulate and facilitate the publication of studies on Macau law;
  8. Establish and set up a library in Macau specialised in the legal sciences, history and international affairs;
  • Foster and/or sponsor events of a sociocultural nature, particularly in the area of literature, visual arts and music, in the aim of  promoting the MSAR’s unique culture and its creative industries;
  • Promote, support and encourage or sponsor activities of a philanthropic nature, contributing directly or jointly with other non-governmental or non-profit institutions or organisations in the MSAR to alleviate needs and promote the well-being of people and communities in Macau, with particular focus on supporting voluntary work fighting the effects of gambling dependency;
  • Encourage legal, cultural and social cooperation between the MSAR and the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), the People’s Republic of China and other communities with a shared and common history, Goa, Daman and Diu in India, in particular;
  • Foster and support initiatives of a social, cultural or sports nature aimed at the youth of the MSAR;
  • Foster or support initiatives aimed at disseminating knowledge of Macau’s historical past and its links to Portugal and the People’s Republic of China, of which it is part.