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POSTER-FBThe Rui Cunha Foundation presents tomorrow, Thursday, June 13th at 6:30pm, the first session of a new series of lectures promoted as Doctoral Talks in City, under the title “UNESCO MIL CITIES: a citizen-centred development paradigm”, co-organized with the USJ Doctoral School of University of Saint Joseph in Macau.

The guest speaker of this inaugural event will be Felipe Chibas Ortiz, PhD. Associate Professor of PROLAM (Latin American Integration Program) at University of São Paulo (USP), who is also an International Co-Leader of the UNESCO MIL ALLIANCE Innovation Group, and Coordinator of CRIARCOMC – International Research Group (Creativity, Innovation, Communication, Marketing and Cities) at USP – Brazil. The talk will be moderated by Adérito Fernandes-Marcos,Dean and Professor at the USJ Doctoral School.

In 2018, UNESCO launched the Media Information Literacy or MIL Cities paradigm. This new paradigm is an evolution or has synergies with the previous ones of smart, resilient, creative, educational, healthy, and sustainable cities, among others. «It aims to integrate emerging digital technologies innovatively and ethically with the needs of municipalities, neighborhoods and organizations and their diversity, always striving to increase the population’s media and information literacy, placing the individual at the center through formal and non-formal education in understanding this new hybrid reality (physical and digital) that is being built in an accelerated and somewhat chaotic way», informs the USJ proposal.

«MIL Cities aims to promote more humane urban spaces built from the participatory management of their leaders and citizens through integrating data and social sciences. It uses indicators and metrics that facilitate daily transdisciplinary practices that integrate digital platforms and urban spaces in a participatory way. To contribute to this new understanding, it is necessary to act consciously, focusing on the unprecedented mixed society built, considering the leading role played by communication, information, and digital platforms».

This lecture will cover the main concepts of the Media and Information Literacy approach and its evolution into the MIL Cities paradigm while presenting some concrete cases of MIL scenarios being implemented worldwide.

The Doctoral School of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), created in July 2023, is a unique academic unit as it operates as an umbrella school to centrally manage the Doctoral Programme in its nine specializations (Global Studies, History, Religious Studies, Education, Psychology, Business Administration, Government Studies, Information Systems, and Science) and postdoctoral research. This is achieved through close collaboration with the USJ faculties, schools, and institutes where doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows conduct their research.

The session will be held in English.

Admission is free.
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