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The Rui Cunha Foundation presents today, Tuesday, May 14th at 6:30pm, a “Corporate Philanthropy Seminar”, which gathers in a Public Forum the University of Saint Joseph‘s Faculty of Business and Law (USJ-FBL), the Macau Ricci Institute (MRI) and the Macau Business Magazine (MB), co-organizers of the event.

The seminar will be introduced by the Director of MRI, Prof. Fr. Stephan Rothlin, S.J., who has just published the book “Corporate Philanthropy in China and Beyond” (World Scientific Press, Singapore, April 2024) which explores the new Charity Law in China and compares different approaches of poverty alleviationand corporate philanthropy between China and Europe.

The guest speakers of the seminar are the winners of the First Deignan Award for Responsible Entrepreneurship (DARE) 2022-2023, and the media partners of the event: Ms. Loh Seow Yuen (SY), Managing Director of MSS Recruitment, Mr. Rui Pedro Cunha, General Manager of C&C Lawyers, and Mr. José Carlos Matias, Director of Macau Business Magazine.

The exchange will be moderated by Prof. Jenny Phillips, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law of USJ, who will prompt the speakers to share the underlying values of their organisations, which guide their philanthropic actions. An interesting point of the first round of the Deignan Award for Responsible Entrepreneurship was indeed the fact that in midst of the pandemic crisis a most efficient and reliable help was secured through innovative small and middle-sized firms. The focus of the Forum is therefore not so much as just a presentation of different firms and foundations, but acknowledging how their management skills and know-how may be crucial to help individuals and entire marginalized groups when they encounter severe crises.

At the closing of the seminar, Fr. Stephan Rothlin S.J. will introduce the distinctive points of the Deignan Award for Responsible Entrepreneurship (DARE) 2024which is based on the 15 core values advocated by Fr. Alfred Deignan S.J., with a strong focus on Corporate Philanthropy. In different forums Fr. Stephan Rothlin S.J., who is involved in business ethics in Macau and China since 1998, explained that the theme was selected because the first round of the award clearly documented the great impact of small and middle-sized firms on the population left behind.

The DARE2024 will officially kick-off on 20 May 2024 with a launching event organised by the DARE co-organiser Woo Fu Social Enterprise in Hong Kong. The DARE2024 is a competition for small-to-medium enterprises in Macau and Hong Kong which aims to promote responsible and sustainable business practicesand document how key Confucian and Christian values can be developed in midst of a most competitive market place.

Information on DARE can be found via the event’s website: https://www.deignanaward.org/.

This session will be held in English.

Admission is free.
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