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5th Docomomo Macau Seminar Poster-01

 A good building is much more than a functional materialisation. It contains the trinity that durability and beauty add to use. So what choices does it face when its function is unplugged or its durability comes into question?

As functional usage may change over time, well-designed buildings are able to adapt to new types of use and prolong their usefulness when their durability surpasses the role of its original tenant.

After its useful life cycle, a building can be reborn with a new role, but for that to happen there must be a will to allow its adaptation to happen through proper assessments and partnerships with the relevant stakeholders. This adaptation process must be integrated in master plans that give them a new meaning and a reason to exist beyond its original intent, in which a critical process must be created to question its transformation, to assert such maintenance and the additional effort implicit in adapting the building to its new life.

Join us for our 5th DOCOMOMO Macau Seminar with Sheridan Burke & Imon Sharif as our speakers, moderated by Ricky Leong, an event co-organised by Fundação Rui Cunha.

The Opening Session starts at 5:45pm, on November 24 (Tuesday), for the presentation of the DOCOMOMO Macau Heritage Assessment Task Force reports – “Rainha D. Leonor” and “Escola Portuguesa de Macau” –, followed by the Seminar Main Theme scheduled for 6:30pm at the Gallery of Fundação Rui Cunha.

The event will be held in English with free admission.

Don’t miss it!

For Macau, Further and Higher!