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The Experiencer

How to free your mind from worries.

A journal, by Rita Andorinho.

Rui Cunha Foundation

2019.06.25 – 18:30


This journal was created to help you with your mental and emotional health. It is simultaneously a gratitude journal, a planner, a brain dump and a productivity tracker. It allows its user to reach their dreams in a faster and more consistent way. We all need help to navigate through life, and to track our progress daily. This journal will ensure we reach our goals in a more expedited manner. Our brains and hearts are the drivers of our success. By conducting a brain dump we let go of everything that goes on in our minds, helping us understand whether those thoughts or ideas make sense or not. By listing five things that we are grateful for, daily, we will release a considerable amount of fear that is preventing us from moving towards our dreams. This tool is a result of many years studying goal setting and time management.

Bio: Rita was born in Portugal in 1979. After graduating from law school and working as a Tax Consultant for Deloitte and KPMG, she decided to move to Asia to enrich her understanding of life and business. She has been living in Macau, China, for the past twelve years working as a business lawyer in one of the biggest law firms in the territory, C&C Lawyers. Rita is the founder and CEO of Global Awareness Enterprise Limited, a company that creates mindful businesses while empowering their leaders.