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SP Entertainment with Hyper Lo, AJ and Josie Ho
04.08.2015 – 15:00
Organization: SP Entertainment @Rui Cunha Foundation

AJ “Macanese”

The word Macanese may have various meanings, ranging from people originated from Macau, to the Portuguese descendants residing in the city, or even the culture shared by these mixed citizens. As a Portuguese descendent, AJ hopes to showcase and promote his unique Macanese background via his first album “Macanese”, while also attempting to blend Portuguese to Canton-Pop. In order to emphasize the Macanese theme and to fully demonstrate this unique cultural fusion, local fashion designer Akina Lei and illustrator/designer Aquino da Silva have tailor-made outfits and patterns by incorporating elements of Portuguese tiles in its style and design.
As a singer-song-writer, 6 songs in the album were composed by AJ. A total of ten songs are collected in the album, including: AJ’s debut song “Apologies”, which has been up to the KKBOX Top Canton Charts for several months; the song dedicated to his mother “Forgiveness”; works showing his persistence towards love “Unchangeable” and “Porcelain Love”; as well as his first trial of rock song “Never Gone”, calling for the determination of all dreamers, between others.
AJ is an amateur singer while working full time in the events marketing field for a local hotel-resort. He has maintained an aggressive and positive attitude at work and has received tremendous support from his company and other entities to help achieve his music dream. AJ has just officially become a Masters graduate in Arts and Entertainment Management beginning of this year. As a result, AJ is definitely equipped with the knowledge and talent in order to help him reach new breakthroughs in this industry.

Josie Ho “Ho Chi Cheng”

Josie is naming her first album “Ho Chi Cheng”, her genuine Chinese name, with hopes of showcasing her true self via music. Ho is not only a singer but also a hard working full time corporate communications practitioner in a large hotel in Macao. Her company fully supports her singing career as long as she keeps the balance between work and singing. In the meantime, she is also taking a Masters program via distance, and assisting the marketing and promotional tasks at SP Entertainment. She is definitely a ‘singer’ with multiple identities and this is where the theme of her EP came from. The creative team incorporates different styles and looks of her to demonstrate the various sides of her personality, while showing how versatile she can become.
The EP collects 7 songs with each demonstrating different sides of her inner world. “How are you” is a song dedicated to her younger sister; “Lost & Found” depicts the bitter and sweet moments in her love life; “Ready to Go” sings out the passion to go for her dream; “Liar Game” is Ho’s debut composition that narrates the dark side of love with Hyper Lo’s catchy lyrics and Ho’s melancholic performance; “Who Am I?” is tailor-made by AJ and Hyper and co-produced by Hyper and Tang Xiao Kang, a famous Malaysian musician. Through this EP, Ho would like to emphasize that being a hands-on-worker (singer) takes it all to be successful and proud. “Hourglass” narrates about the different perceptions of time between men and women, and Ho has won the “Best Performance Award” at the MACA music composition quest last month with this song. Last but not least, “Get Ready” is the most popular song of the year that is sponsored by Sands China, the first well-established hotel showing its support to local music.

Hyper Lo “My Driving Experience from Hong Kong to Europe”

Hyper Lo drove from Hong Kong to Europe, passing by 14 countries in his Jeep. Many people question how it is possible to drive from Hong Kong to the U.K. in one road. It is indeed possible, but with the help of an excellent team and serious advanced preparation..
As a well-known artiste in Macau, Hyper has established his fame and career starting from the scratch with his persistence and risk-taking characteristic. He has been through ups and downs in his career alone until he encountered two like-minded friends AJ and Josie Ho. Since then, Lo invested to establish his own record label to fight for their music dreams.
This travel book captures Lo’s 45-day driving journey from Hong Kong to the U.K. It’s not all about beautiful sceneries but also about innumerous unforgettable experiences that shook his determination. For instance, driving over 10 hours daily and driving and finding your way in an unknown place is not an easy task. This journey, coincidently served as a reflection of Lo’s music career. This book does not only share his unique travel experience, but also proves Lo’s belief that “success is based on persistence”. At the same time, music has also taken up a very important role in Lo’s life. Therefore, Lo hopes to share his stories via this book while listening to his complimentary album with 12 self-composed songs since his debut. Lo is also dedicating to his fans and readers some artistic photos taken at the hotels under Sands China Ltd in this book. “My Driving Experiences from Hong Kong to Europe” is the best collection that satisfy your audio-visual senses.