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22 de Maio, 17h às 19h30

Fundação Rui Cunha, 1º andar

The Idea Of Europe

By João Serra Pereira

The European Union Academic Programme in Macao (EUAP-M), in partnership with the Rui Cunha Foundation and the Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM), will hold a seminar entitled “The Idea of Europe”, by João Serra Pereira, Ph.Din Political Science and International Relations from the Institute of Political Studies of the Catholic University of Portugal. The seminar is on 22 May 2015 from 5 pm to 7.30 pm, at the Rui Cunha Foundation, in Macau.

The influence of the European Union (EU) on the daily lives of Europeans is constantly increasing. A very powerful entity but relatively young, the EU is still very much a developing business conceived out of a long intellectual history. This seminar examines the real meaning of the EU and its possible future development, through the re-visitation of the idea of Europe by authors such as Dante, Duke of Sully, Kant, Saint-Simon and Kalergi, among others.

This seminar is open to professional journalists based in Macau, university students of International Relations and European Studies, as well as the public at large. It will be conducted in English.

The talk holds 30 members of the audience only. Registration by email to euap@umac.mo, on a first-come-first-served basis, will be open until 20 May 2015.