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Opening: 5/3/2015  19:00 Cocktail

Dancer Simona Cheong and Pianist Tim Kou are invited to give a short performance to kick off the opening.

Duration: 6-28/3/2015

This exhibition extends until 2/4/2015

Free Admission

Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery

This time, Portuguese artist Arlinda Frota’s exhibition will be displaying 18 new works and 8 of which are contemporary Nihonga.  While maintaining her exotic, mystic, delicate style, she harnesses a traditional millennia-old Japanese painting technique, together with the inspiration drawn from her living experience in different countries, this exhibition radiates the inner light of Arlinda Frota in its entirety.

Arlinda was born in Angola and has travelled in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, she lived in Macao, South Korea and Indonesia for several years.  In South Korea, she learned to mix mineral colour powder, gelatin and water to paint – the traditional Japanese painting technique, Nihonga.

Arlinda has exhibited across different countries, such as South Korea, Portugal, Angola, Switzerland and Indonesia.  In 2004, two of her works were awarded the Kofi Annan prize at the 7th World Peace Conference held in Ansan, South Korea and she received the award from the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan. Serving as a doctor for more 44 years, Arlinda is also an accredited member of several Artist Societies and medical arts societies in Portugal and abroad.

2015.03.02 – JTM – Luz Interior – ArlindaFrota