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Event: Life Photography Exhibition Opening Ceremony
Date:2019.07.23 10:30-12:00
Place: Fundação Rui Cunha

The concept of “Life”, a long-standing subject in philosophy with various ideas being continuously advocated by philosophers throughout the history of human civilization, is the most crucial theme in myths, religions and theories.
The understanding of Life influences people’s interpretation of life and their perspectives on society, culture, social norm, power structure, identity, self-identification and so on. The concept of Life is the root of all issues. Each individual takes their entire life in quest of their own meaning of “Life”. Its meaning not only lives in the narrative of history and religion, but also resides in our mind, awaiting intellectual collision and discourse.

Photographers in the “Life” photography exhibition use photographs as carriers to embody their understanding of life and death. In place of expounding ideas by verbose writing, the photographers deliver the notion by creating visual tension in their photographs. They anticipate an open “debate” with every exhibitor and ask questions regarding Life to all of us. Through this exhibition, Lifehope Caritas Macau looks forward to starting a dialogue that transcends space with all of you.

Exhibition timetable:
2019.7.23-29 Fundação Rui Cunha
2019.8 A Porta Da Arte
2019.9 Café Voyage
2019.9.10-16 Praça do Tap Seac
2019.9.19-25 Lou Lim Ieoc Garden
2019。9.26-10.3 Jardim de Luís de Camões

2019.9.26-2019.10.3 Luís de Camões Garden
2019.10.10-30 M Dimensions
2019.11 Café Philo