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Vocal Recital – Bel Canto Saturdays

Special Guest . Tenor – Orlando Querobino Vas

From 17:00﹣19:00
Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery

Free Admission
Cocktail served

Poster_especial06.04I was inspired by the Three Tenors at a very young age and started singing. I studied at the Conservatory of Music in Macau then moved to the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts which led me to my current study of a Bachelor’s degree in Music at University of Surrey. I started formally singing in public in 2010 at Sé Cathedral as a Psalmist. Since then I have performed at a number of churches and cafes in the UK, as well as Lusofunia and University of  Macau in Macau as well as several Lunch Time concerts at the University of Surrey. In 2017, I auditioned for X factor in the UK but decided not to pursue it because I felt that I wanted to reach my goals in a more sustainable way. Last year, I recorded my voice for an International Music Festival promotional video. This year I am currently conducting concert band and am part of the Choir at the University of Surrey. I have also been a part of a student run television at the University of Surrey that makes short films, creates Live streams and other creative content. This has given me more opportunities and an insight to the media world. In 2015, I was privileged to meet Placido Doming who was one of my biggest idols as a young singer. I aspire to become an Opera Singer. Music for me is about self-expression, and understanding the composer’s thoughts.