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Rui Cunha Foundation will hold the opening ceremony of the “ART FOR CHARITY” Exhibition TODAY at 6:30pm.

Selected works from “ART FOR CHARITY – Nam Vam Lake Painting Contest”, an activity included in the Foundation’s 6th anniversary celebrations, will be featured in this exhibition, attended by around 100 artists and enthusiasts in April of this year and that will be sold at auction.

The proceeds from the sale of these works will be donated on behalf of artists to charity, thus highlighting the fundamental role that art plays in any society.

The exhibition will be open to the public from October 30 to November 13, an experience not to be missed!

Exhibition Period: 30.10.2018 to 13.11.2018

Art for Charity Paintings


Auction guidelines for the selected paintings of “ART FOR CHARITY”

The following guidelines aim to conceive the implementation of an open auction to everyone interested in acquiring any selected artworks after the completion of the painting journey on the Lake “Nan Van” by artists and enthusiasts from Macau and China, during the Rui Cunha Foundation’s anniversary, “Art for Charity”.

As stated in the guidelines of “Art for Charity”, the Foundation has offered a token of appreciation to the artists of the selected paintings who participated in this auction. All the profits from this auction would be donated to Caritas after the exhibition.

  1. The auctioned artworks will have a set base price for bidding purposes which will be clearly identified and numbered;
  2. The bids must be delivered in an envelope provided by the Foundation and in a specific form (stating the name of the bidder, BIR / Passport, e-mail, telephone, address and the bidding amount in MOP). The bidding amount should be above the set base price, and the bidder can decide whether or not he intends to disclose his name at the opening of the envelopes;
  3. The envelope must be delivered closed at the reception of the Rui Cunha Foundation gallery, on or before 6:00 p.m. on November 12, 2018. The envelopes will be registered and numbered by day and time of reception;
  4. The members of the ballot-table will open each envelop at a ceremony presented by the President or the Chairman of the Executive Committee which will be held on November 13, 2018, at 6:30 p.m., to announce the highest bidders of each painting
  5. A transcript will be signed by each member of the ballot-table including the President.
  6. The winning bidders will be contacted as soon as possible by the Foundation services, and will have a period of 48 hours to finalize the purchase of the said paintings. If this does not happen, the right of acquisition shall be passed on to the next higher bidder, which will be repeated until the actual sale of the artwork.
  7. A diploma of authenticity of the artwork with the name of the artist and the purchaser will be given by the Foundation upon collection of the paintings.


Concluindo o leilão em carta fechada dos quadros da exposição “ART for Charity”, realizou-se no dia 13 de Novembro pelas 18:30, a abertura dos mesmos apurando-se as propostas vencedoras, cujos licitadores são:

  1. Livia Chow – Obra No. 01 Choi Sou Hong – MOP 3,800.00
  2. Livia Chow – Obra No. 26 We Kemeng – MOP 3,600.00
  3. Livia Chow – Obra No. 27 Lin Tao – MOP 3,000.00
  4. Fundação Oriente – Obra No. 12 Ma Geyao – MOP 2,000.00
  5. Fundação Oriente – Obra No. 22 Yang Zhou – MOP 2,000.00
  6. Forrest Kam – Obra No. 11 – Li Ziyi – MOP 2,000.00
  7. Ye Yuyu – Obra No. 24 Hermen Pekel – MOP 2,000.00
  8. João Manuel Tubal Gonçalves – Obra No. 08 Cai Guo Jie – MOP 1,500.00
  9. Cheang Sio Kam – Obra No 16 Chen Xuelin – MOP 1,500.00
  10. João Manuel Tubal Gonçalves – Obra No. 25 Ping Long – MOP 1,500.00
  11. Luísa Lei – Obra No. 23 Lei Kong Hon – MOP 1,300.00
  12. Luísa Lei – Obra No. 06 Chan Peng Hou – MOP 1,200.00
  13. Wong Weng Kei – Obra No. 04 Hong Sok Leng – MOP 1,200.00
  14. Luísa Lei – Obra No. 07 Wong Weng Kei – MOP 1,100.00

O montante que reverteu para a caritas foi de MOP 13,700.00 entregue no acto pelo Sr. Presidente da Fundação Rui Cunha, Dr. Rui Cunha ao Secretário Geral da Caritas de Macau, Sr. Paulo Pun.


  1. Livia Chow 投得:編號01 – 蔡素雄作品 – 澳門幣3800元
  2. Livia Chow 投得:編號26 – 武可孟作品 – 澳門幣3600元
  3. Livia Chow 投得:編號27 – 林濤作品 – 澳門幣3000元
  4. 東方基金會投得: 編號12 – 馬歌瑤作品 – 澳門幣2000元
  5. 東方基金會投得:編號22 – 楊舟作品 – 澳門幣2000元
  6. 甘仕良投得: 編號11 – 李子怡作品 – 澳門幣2000元
  7. 葉郁郁投得: 編號24 – Hermen Pekel作品 – 澳門幣2000元
  8. 江可為投得:編號08 – 蔡國傑作品 – 澳門幣1500元
  9. 鄭少琴投得:偏號16 – 陳雪琳作品 – 澳門幣 1500元
  10. 江可為投得:編號25 – 平龍作品 – 澳門幣1500元
  11. 李心虹投得:編號23 – 李江漢作品 – 澳門幣1300元
  12. 李心虹投得:編號06 – 陳炳豪作品 – 澳門幣1200元
  13. 黃永祺投得:編號04 – 洪淑玲作品 – 澳門幣1200元
  14. 李心虹投得:編號07 – 黃永祺作品 – 澳門幣1100元