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Exposição “A Janela das Artes” dos alunos de Cai Guo Jie

2018.06.26 – 6pm-8pm

Fundação Rui Cunha 官樂怡基金會


POSTER_expo賴栢晴,11歳 澳門培正中學, Shermaine Lai

頼栢錡,9歲 澳門聖公會中學, Gordon Lai

周子悅,13歲,澳門培正中學, Joey

梁然濬,17歲,TIS 學校, Tristan Leung


莫俊謙,6歲半, 培正中學, Jonathan Carreiro Mok

王樂怡,17歲, 聯國學校


趙炫澤,7歳,培正中學, Max Chio

What we exhibit in Rui Cunha Foundation is the young artists’ paintings. They grow up in Macau culturally diverse society and they have their own specific style. The young artists come to arts studio at weekend and they roam at art area, print what they want to paint and extend these artistic pleasure to life. In their paintings, skiing on cloud, dragon traveled in outer space, shining star in galaxy…The paintings have a distinctive style, diversified themes and they are colorful. The young artists are not only imaginative, but also have detailed observation for their favorite things. Therefore, during the process of creation, it’s unexpected about their technique which developed by themselves.

With a theme of life, young artists use smooth line and vibrant colors to express vision for good things and determination to paint what they want to paint. Taking painting as mirror, young artists pay attention to nature and interpretation of innovation. No matter it’s in inside or outside of picture, they are happy because they have color as their partners, creating a wonderful world like fairy tales.  They are blessed because they’re playing using pigments on the stage which is builded with line. We can see that there are clear dream in their mind.

Perhaps, when we appreciate their paintings, we can put down our normal aesthetic perspective and move from the paintings to the long-awaited innocence of hearts. Such feelings and perceptions are the origins of this exhibition following the “My Art Playground” Exhibition.