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docomomo seminar-01Seminar Architecture and its Discontent – Regeneration or the art of retention

Sexta-feira, 3 de Novembro às 18:30 – 20:30
Fundação Rui Cunha 官樂怡基金會
聯邦大廈749號R/C, Av. da Praia Grande, Macau

We have never built as much as in the past 50 years; architecture has always been about virility, demolition, construction, building, structure, and creation, never about conservation, negotiation, participation and preservation.

Renewal, rebirth, revival, renaissance, rejuvenation and restoration are only a few synonyms of what we need to consider in the wake of emergent crisis ranging from climate change to clash of political systems to never-ending financial speculations.
Europe, America and the West generally are moving toward radicalisation, privatisation as well as a post-modern version of media freedom. Are emerging economical powers the only places where new debates and invention are possible?

Architecture is often a mirror of the society within which it is produced, no wonder it is more and more impotent in the West.
The lecture will attempt to bring back to life ideas of architects, urbanists, writers, educators and thinkers such as Gian Carlo di Carlo, who said, “In reality, architecture has become too important to be left to [only] architects…”;

Through three projects, Professor Nasrine Seraji will attempt to show how landscape, urbanism and architecture can be sensitive to the existing context of a project and how we can use constraints as the main intelligent ingredients for our projects.

Early registration made through email: info.docomomo.macau@gmail.com (provide full name for certificate). Seats available on a first-come first-serve basis (40)